The daylight vampire

After a hard day's work the daylight vampire lay a while on his bed, his body warm and comfortable after a hot shower. He planned to go to an opening in the art-gallery beneath his appartment. Outside he could already hear the joy and laughter of the people gathering there. Birds were singing and far away a churchbell struck one two three four five. Half asleep his mind was vivid. <br>He didn't know why but he couldn't get the fairytale princess, who lived on the first floor, out of his head. He imagined her entering his room, saying that she felt lonely in this world. Here we go again, he thought. Why are you always so attracted to innocence and beauty, only to destroy it by touching it. But isn't this always a desire from innocence and beauty, he objected. Since he couldn't stop thinking about her, he finally decided to turn the idea around. She would be the vampire! Soon he would hear her footfall on the staircase, followed by her shadow on the wall. With her arms stretched out like a sleepwalker she would come to him. She'd sit next to his bed and slowly lean over for a love bite. Rigid with fear he would be helpless. <br>She would only leave after getting what she came for. When she finally left him he would feel empty inside. Later that night at the opening he spotted her in the crowd. With a glass of red wine in her hands she smiled at him.
(The daylight vampire, 2006)